Falling Star

Satellite Testing Facility for Spaceport Cornwall

‘Falling Star’: Satellite Testing and Research Facility is a proposal located at Newquay Airport in Cornwall. Inspired by the universe's distribution of matter, the facility combines advanced satellite testing equipment with collaborative office spaces for Spaceport Cornwall. This was a live project working with and presenting to Spaceport Cornwall and Virgin Orbit to their strict requirements and contributing to the growth of the space industry in the UK.

The design is inspired by the captivating fractal and fragmented patterns found in the universe. It symbolises the vast possibilities and interconnectedness of the cosmos.

The state-of-the-art facility offers cutting-edge equipment to ensure the reliability and performance of satellites. The testing equipment includes a vibration table, anechoic chamber and thermal vacuum chamber. The facility also features dedicated office spaces for Spaceport Cornwall, creating an environment where professionals can work together and drive innovation in the aerospace sector. 

Located at Newquay Airport, Falling Star benefits from its proximity to Spaceport Cornwall, enabling seamless integration between satellite testing and space launch operations.